• We help clients find a solution to their Student Loan Problems
  • Stop Stressing about Default, Harassing Phone Calls, Wage Garnishments, IRS Offsets
  • Time to Break Free and Move On

Student Loan Relief Counsel is a unique service designed to help people with Student Loan Debt navigate financial issues and make the best decisions regarding their situation. We provide critical solutions to these pressing issues facing people with student loan debt.

Minimizing the cost of student loan debt

Eliminating creditor harassment, stopping wage garnishments and ending Federal Tax Refund Offsets

Lowering your monthly payments and Increasing your liquidity through payment relief

Restoring and Repairing Your Credit



Repayment Plan Options : We explore numerous- repayment plan option that are available for the different needs of each individual. The amount you currently pay, interest rate and length of time you have to repay your loan, we will figure a plan best suits your situation. All plans vary depending on the repayment options you choose. We will guide you through the full range of options.

Custom Solutions: We provide each client with a comprehensive solution and recommendation report detailing all of your options and impact of selecting one option over another. So you can make the most informed, most sensible decision for your particular needs.

    Why choose us?


    Student Loan Relief Counsel was formed by former graduate students like yourself who had a hard decision to face when it came to student loan debt. As an industry leader in helping students get back to financial freedom.

    We enable them to better manage their Student Loans and at the same time repair their credit.

    We simplify the complex process and in the process give the client tools to consolidate their loans, manage their payments, evaluate and select the best repayment choices for their unique needs and transform the burden of their student loans into a more manageable payment program.

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